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We are continuing to introduce new products to our Slip 2000 line. There a several things in the works so check back to see what is new or sign up for our mailing to stay informed. We also are adding other products to our online store as a convenience to our regular customers. If you would like to see something for sale here please let us know. Thank you for your continued support.

Gun Wipes
Each packet contains one 5" x 8" wipe treated with Slip 2000 Synthetic Gun Lube. Great for light carbon cleaning and a quick wipe down after shooting.
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Blueprint Gun Cleaning Mats
We are now offering for sale in our online store several blue print gun cleaning mats. These durable mats uniquely showcase your favorite gun.
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EWL 2oz. 3 Pack
Our Gun Lube 2oz. 3 Pack is very popular but we received a lot of requests for an EWL 3 Pack. You have been heard and it is here.
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4oz. EWL
Our current top seller is the 4oz. EWL twist top bottle. Shoot more rounds, clean up faster, guaranteed.
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Value Pack 208
1 - 4oz. EWL
1 - 16oz. 725 Gun Cleaner
1 - 16oz. Carbon Killer
Price: $50.06
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