1/69 Infantry Thanks SLIP 2000
The “Fighting 69th” 1/69 Infantry NY National

Just wanted to send a quick update. Our rotation is coming to an end. Thanks to the SLIP products and regular maintenance we have not experienced a weapons malfunction. We really appreciate your help and support. Attached is a photo of some of our unit taken in front of our FOB. The green flag is our unit flag – 1/69 Infantry.

Just a bit about us, we are all from the 1/69 Infantry NY National Guard (the “fighting 69th”) which is based out of New York City and Long Island. We were here in Afghanistan for about a year as part of Joint Task Force Phoenix helping to mentor the Afghan Army and Police.

Being form the NYC area we all are very focused on the job to be done over here. We have been using the SLIP products on our M4 carbines, M9 Pistols, M249 Saw¹s, M240 7.62mm Medium Machine Guns and our Browning M2, 50 cal Heavy Machine Guns. We have tested all in combat except for the M9 with no problems due to lubrication. This is a pretty harsh environment with the heat and dust/dirt, but your products are doing the job.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks again,
Seth Baxxxx Camp Dubs, Sector C 2-101 Cav, 27th BDE, Darulamon