Slip 2000 lubricants and cleaners are all non-toxic, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. Our lubricants are 100% synthetic, safe to use without gloves, and odorless. No more lingering smells around the house or needing to maintain your firearms outside or in the garage.

Slip 2000 products do not release any harmful VOCs and our lubricants will not burn off and release fumes that can be harmful to your health.

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Gun Lube is a 10 Weight Lubricant made for casual or low round-count shooters. Allows you to fire 1000 rounds, field strip, and wipe it clean.

EWL is a 7 weight lubricant for tactical training and high round-count shooters. Allows you to fire 4000 rounds, field strip, and wipe it clean. EWL performs well in dusty environments and will not slow down in the extreme cold.

EWL30 is a 30 weight lubricant with the same properties as the EWL, but as a 30 weight lubricant. EWL30 is great for suppressed shooting and high heat environments. EWL30 stays in place, making it great for firearms that are seldom used or in long term storage.

Yes. Slip 2000 is 100% safe and will not attack rubber O-rings or seals and in some cases will even increase the lifespan of your rubber seals.

No. Slip 2000 lubricants are 100% pure synthetic. Our products contain no oils, petroleum distillates, silicone, or PTFE.

The red seal in our bottles is what seals the cap and the bottle together. It prevents lubricant from leaking out if the bottle tips over.

Do not throw away this seal. Simply remove the cap, poke a hole in the seal and screw the cap back on. Others prefer to simply remove the red plug and replace it when they are done using the bottle.

If the twist top is fully closed and the red seal is intact lubricant will not leak out.

Slip 2000 Lubricants treat all metal surfaces it comes in contact with and prevents carbon and other buildup from sticking. This nearly eliminates the need for cleaners. All you need is to simply wipe off any residue/buildup after your day at the range, training, or hunting, and re-treat your firearm with any of our lubricants.

No. Our lubricants are not water based. Although all of our gun cleaners are water based our gun lubricants are not water based.

Yes we are 100% compatible with plastics and polymers. All Slip 2000 lubricants will not harm polymer or plastic gun parts including Glock and Kel-Tec.

Yes. All Slip 2000 lubricants are 100% synthetic.

No. The grease will penetrate on its own.

No. The grease will actually clean off and purge out any old oils.

if your EWG has separated, do not throw it out. Your tub of EWG is still good. Simply stir it until mixed.


725 Gun Cleaner/Degreaser is our everyday gun cleaner for dirty parts.

Carbon Killer and Choke Tube Cleaner are both a soak for neglected parts that would otherwise require scrubbing or a lot of elbow grease to get clean.

If you are using a Slip 2000 lubricant, shooting between 500-1000 rounds and cleaning regularly then the 725 Gun Cleaner should be all you need for a deep clean. It is an all-purpose cleaner and can be applied directly or used in ultrasonic cleaners and parts washer.

If you are not using a Slip 2000 Lubricant, have neglected the cleaning of your guns, or shoot automatic weapons with a lot of rounds, you may need Carbon Killer. It will remove more extreme carbon, lead and plastic fouling buildup. Carbon Killer is a far more aggressive cleaner and should only be used as directed.

Any metal, if left untreated, will rust from moisture in the air. Any effective cleaner will strip most treatments and lubricants from the metal. Our cleaner is no different.

We strongly recommend you treat all metal surfaces with a protectant/preservative after you use ANY cleaner, water-based or solvent. Slip 2000 lubricants will penetrate through water and treat and protect the metal underneath.

Our 725 was formulated to be sprayed on, while the UltraClean is our 725 modified specifically for soaking parts in ultrasonic cleaners.

Choke Tube Cleaner targets plastic fouling common for shotgun users while Carbon Killer is a little stronger and made to attack nasty carbon and lead fouling made by automatic weapons.

No. We do not recommend extended soaking of any plastic or rubber parts in Carbon Killer or Choke Tube Cleaner. Only use these products on metal parts.

The container Carbon Killer comes in is perfect to soak smaller parts. if you need a separate container we recommended that you use a stainless steel tray or glass container like a mason jar. Some PET plastic containers are OK but lesser non-PET plastics are not a good idea. Carbon Killer is designed to break and dissolve plastic away from steel so it can be aggressive on some plastic containers.

Yes. Carbon Killer can be used for multiple cleanings. The amount of cleanings depends on how it is stored and how long the product is exposed to the air. Over time its cleaning effectiveness will slowly decline and it will take longer to clean then when the product was new.

Parts should be left in Carbon Killer for no more than 15 minutes at a time. Carbon Killer is very aggressive and can fade and even remove bluing if left soaking for extended periods. 15 minutes should be all you need. If parts are still dirty, hit them with a nylon brush, rinse, and soak them for another 10-15 minutes.

Cleaning will vary depending on how neglected your parts are and if you have been using a Slip 2000 lubricant. Parts treated Slip 2000 lubricants can reduce your cleanup time by 50%.

Carbon Killer was designed for soaking heavily carboned internal steel parts (AR bolt, revolver cylinders, firing pins). Pour Carbon Killer into a small glass or steel tray and immerse the carboned parts. This allows for easy removal of parts after cleaning. You can also saturate a patch of rag and place on area you need to clean but soaking parts is
far more effective.

Our 725 Gun Cleaner is a simple cleaning spray.

Foaming Bore Cleaner is our 725 with a foaming agent to better contact the edges of your bore. This increases dwell time and product effectiveness.

Yes! Carbon Killer works great for cleaning suppressors.

Keep in mind that if left to soak for longer than 15 minutes the Carbon Killer can damage any finishes you may have.

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