2023 Christmas Gift Guide

2023 Christmas Gift Guide

Under $25

Slip 2000 Rookie Kit
The ultimate starter kit for handgun enthusiasts. This kit is packed with essential tools for gun maintenance and care, making it a fantastic choice for those just starting their firearms journey. Keep your handgun in top shape while you explore the exciting world of shooting.

Under $50

For Frequent Shooters: Slip 2000 Value Pack
Are you shopping for a shooter who can't get enough range time? This value pack is your secret weapon. It's has a 4oz EWL Lubricant and a 16oz 725 cleaner. Two of our more popular items. Perfect for the range-goer that gets their guns DIRTY!

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Gun Wipes: https://a.co/d/gsIlqwk
Gun Lube Buddy Pack: https://a.co/d/25qLsYV
EWL Buddy Pack: https://a.co/d/fzmZinp
Gun Lube 4oz: https://a.co/d/jehDjBc
EWL 4oz: https://a.co/d/amh4a6J
725 Gun Cleaner 16oz: https://a.co/d/78k50zs