I just wanted to take a moment to relate my absolute satisfaction with all of the Slip2000 products I have had the pleasure of trying to date.

Your Carbon Killer has taken the drudgery out of cleaning all of my development guns, especially the .338 Lapua extra long range rifle. Carbon Killer is an amazing muzzle brake cleaner, which in the past was a job I did not look forward to.

I am now using your Slip2000 lubricants as a barrel treatment in all of my personal and development guns.

As the inventor of the Magnumlite carbon fiber barrel system as marketed by Magnum Research and the holder of the 3 patents relative to this barrel system, I am amazed at the performance of your lubes as barrel conditioners. As a barrel developer, I break in many barrels and have been more than elated at the shortening of this procedure and the resultant ease of cleaning your lubes provide.

I have found that the “clean cold bore” shot is always in the group when your lubricants are used in the bore. I have also found your lubes to be the most stable in the bore for long term storage as well. In the past, lubes have broken down and failed to perform as desired when rifles were stored for any lengthy period. I now do not have to worry about this issue.

I will continue to recommend your entire line of products to all of my clients, shooting associates and customers.

It is indeed a pleasure to find products that exceed the need.

Thanks again for all of your products and wonderful customer service.

I wish you and Slip2000 nothing but continued success.



David B. Smith