How Does Slip 2000 Compare to the Competitors?

Slip 2000 vs The Competition

Some shooters want the best lubricant for their firearm. Some want the cheapest CLP on the market. Others want the safest products for their guns. In this article we will break down the features of a few popular lubricants and our experience with them.


Slip 2000

Slip 2000 lubricants are 100% synthetic, non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, and free of PTFE. These lubricants contain no petroleum distillates and our Gun Lube has been independently tested for the MIL-PRF-63460D REV E Mil-Spec. Slip 2000 checks all our boxes when it comes to a great gun lubricant.


Breakfree CLP

The only other lubricant on our list that has a documented mil-spec certification. Unfortunately this product Has PTFE, Petroleum distillates, and is not odorless. The odor of this CLP is quite strong which makes it uncomfortable to use in any enclosed space. The fumes are also harmful to your health, and it is flammable. Combining these qualities with a general mediocre lubrication and cleaning experience it scores a 1/7 on our chart.


Rem-Oil is a popular and affordable lubricant touted as "Superior cleaning, lubrication and corrosion protection." This product contains PTFE and petroleum distillates which are both known to have harmful effects on the body when inhaled. Since this product does not seem to have mil-spec testing it scores a 0/7 on our chart.

Shooter Lube

Shooter Lube has been the new hyped lubricant and cleaner. They are a 2-step system with a solvent cleaner and a 100% synthetic lubricant. Shooter Lube contains no PTFE or petroleum distillates. They claim to be non-toxic, non-staining, low-odor, and biodegradable. We can attest to the low odor portion of their formula, although we did notice that over time (months) the odor did get stronger and more unpleasant. The product smelled like the lubricant was going rancid, which makes us question if this is truly a 100% synthetic formula. Shooter Lube does not provide any SDS documentation nor did they respond when requested documentation. Shooter lube scored a hesitant 2/7 as they make many unverified claims.

Breakthrough Clean

Breakthrough Clean was our highest scoring lubricant at 4.5/7. With documented claims of being 100% synthetic, low-odor, non-toxic, non-flammable, no petroleum distillates, and no PTFE in their lubricant. These features are confirmed in their SDS sheet which gives it a score of 5/7.


Hoppes has been around for about 100 years. It has petroleum distillates, is flammable, has a strong odor, and is not mil-spec. It is very affordable though, giving it a score of 1/7 on our chart.