Lubricants (Gun Lube, EWL, and EWL30)

There is no one way to lubricate your firearm. When in doubt, consult your owner's manual.
This is how we lubricate using our products here at Slip 2000.

1. Ensure your firearm is clear before disassembly.

2. Field strip your firearm according to your owner's manual.

3. Lubricate your firearm. Add a few drops of lubricant to a rag or directly on the firearm.

  • Frame: Lubricate the end of the trigger bar and any high wear/metal areas
  • Slide: Slide rails with a drop each (or more, it's hard to over-lubricate)
  • Barrel: Lightly coat with lubricant. (you can use a lubricated patch, rag or your finger)
  • Extra: We also like to give a light wipedown to all surfaces with our lubricants. This keeps everything protected from corrosion and easy to clean.

4. Reassemble your firearm and wipe away any excess lubricant.