Slip 2000 lubricants have been turning heads and growing in popularity because of the quality and performance these lubricants provide to you firearms. Now the same quality and performance is crossing over to other outdoor favorites that also need lubrication and protection.

Bike Chain and Cable Lubricant

Bike Chain Lube is a pure synthetic lubricant. It will penetrate the pins, links and rollers of a chain and will go into the tight areas that other oils cannot. It reduces friction, heat and wear and will extend the life of your chains and sprockets while making them perform smoother and quieter. It does not collect grease and grime and protects you chain from buildup and makes cleanup easier. Works great on sprockets and cables to reduce friction and wear and protect against corrosion.

Axe Guard

AXE-GUARD penetrates and bonds with the metal axe head to provide a long lasting protective coating. This synthetic barrier keeps moisture from touching the metal surface and helps prevent corrosion. It does not leave a messy, oily residue like other oils and provides excellent protection during storage. AXE-GUARD helps keep Pine pitch and tree sap from sticking to the axe blade. Excellent for every day use or long term storage of any axe.

Fishing Reel Lubricant

Slip 2000 Fishing Reel Lube will keep your reel spinning smoothly and protects against moisture and salt-water corrosion,. It will not attract dirt or sand like other oils. Does not contain any oils, petroleum distilates, silicone, or PTFE (Teflon). Works great on ceramic bearings. Fishing Reel Lube is has no odor, is biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Knife Lubricant

Lubricates and provides a long lasting protective coating that reduces friction and wear. Will penetrate and clean off existing lubricants. Excellent for pivot areas, locking mechanisms, and tight tolerance areas with metal to metal or metal to ceramic contact. Preserves and protects against moisture and salt-water corrosion. Will not attract dust, dirt, sand or lint like other oils. Will not harden, become tacky or gum up. Cleans and cuts through built up deposits of dirt, grease and grime left behind by other lubricants. Helps prevent any foreign matter from sticking to all metal parts.  Chainsaw and Bar Lubricant Coming Soon!