Marker Oil

Slip 2000 Marker Oil is designed exclusively for use on: Paintball Guns, Air Guns and Markers, Co2, Gas & Marker Seals, and other moving parts and pump actions.

Safe on O-Rings
Not only is Slip 2000 Marker Oil safe to use on o-rings it will preserve the life of o-rings and all other seals and moving parts.

Will Not Harm Paintballs
Slip 2000 Marker Oil will not dissolve or distort the gel coating on you paintballs and is safe to use in your barrels. You can treat your paintballs with Slip 2000 Marker Oil to protect them from dissolving in moisture.

Reduces Friction
Slip 2000 Marker Oil contains extreme anti-friction and anti-wear properties. This will prolong the life of all moving parts and reduce friction. Using Slip 2000 Marker Oil in your barrel reduce friction and help prevent paintballs from sticking or breaking in your barrel. Reducing friction will speed up your firing velocity allowing you to lower your air pressure thus conserving your air.

Will Not Freeze
Are you having problems with Co2 freezing other oils causing jams. Slip 2000 Marker Oil stays liquid down to -85 Degrees F and will not freeze up helping to eliminate annoying jamming.

Prevents Corrosion
Slip 2000™ Marker Oil is excellent at displacing moisture and will help prevent corrosion.


  • Temp range -85 to +1250 Degrees F
  • Will not attract dust or grime
  • Contains NO paraffin or volatile elements
  • Never gums up or becomes sticky or tacky
  • RWill not allow paint or gel coat to stick to Markers
  • Makes cleanup very easy

Used with proper care and properly lubricating seals, this product will help eliminate most failures due to seal deterioration.

Use sparingly. Excessive lubricating can be harmful to paintball marker's actions. 3 to 4 drops of lubricant are sufficient for each seal and/or lubrication point. Apply only when parts or wear points apear to be dry. You should also apply to seals when they fail to hold compression.


Paintball Marker Cleaner

Marker Gun Cleaner is a biodegradable, non-solvent solution. This Product contains quality surfactants, wetting agents, emulsifiers and it contains no petroleum type solvents. This product is non-flammable and contains no toxic materials. This Industrial strength water based cleaner/degreaser was designed with your health and safety in mind.

Safe to Use
Safe for use on all steel, rubber, plastic, sealed wood and other materials. Safe for use on face maskes and goggles.

Environmentally Safe
Our marker cleaner is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-hazardous and biodegradable.

Use with care and proper cleaning instructions designed or recommended by the equipment manufacturer. Marker Cleaner is a water based cleaner and will remove all oil protection from metal surfaces. Care should be taken to re-lube any moving parts or seals after using this product.