Do you hate taking apart your 1911 pistol with full length guide rod in them, well now you no longer have to. The Thumb Buddy (PATENT PENDING) is machined from delrin bar stock and lets you control the recoil spring retainer with ease. It fits the bottom of the pistol perfectly and now you're in control and not the spring. The reversed laser cut, stainless steel bushing wrench lets you turn even a fitted bushing with the Thumb Buddy in place. No more sore or damaged finger. No more flying parts. No more lost spring retainers. The Thumb Buddy can be used with a full length or standard guide rod.

Simple to use
To use simply place the Thumb Buddy on the bottom of your 1911 pistol. Press down on it (with your thumb) to depress the recoil spring retainer. Use reversed laser cut, stainless steel bushing wrench to turn the bushing. Remove the spring retainer. It is that simple.

Product Review
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