Ultra-Thin is a thiner version of the Slip 2000 Gun Lube designed for use in ultrasonic cleaners.

Ultra-Thin is a pure synthetic metal treatment. Designed to treat gun parts after ultrasonic cleaning. It contains a proprietary anti-wear agent that reduces friction and wear by 80-90% and prevents corrosion. For use on all weapons and weapon systems. Developed with your health, safety and the environment in mind.

Remove cleaned parts from ultrasonic cleaning solution. Allow any excess cleaner to drain or drip off. Make sure you have cleared all compartments and areas that cleaner may have collected before placing parts in Ultra-Thin Gun Lube. Place cleaned parts in Lube and make sure all parts are completely submerged. Allow parts to soak in lubricant for 2-5 minutes. Drain and clear all extra lube before wiping down or allowing to dry. For best results Ultra-Thin Gun Lube should be used with Ultra-Clean ultrasonic cleaner.

Features & Benefits

  • Dislpaces Moisture
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Thinner formula for easier and quicker drip off

Metal Treatment Only
Before firing or storing your gun a regular Slip 2000 lubricant needs to be applied.



Ultra-Clean is a biodegradable, non-solvent solution designed for use in ultrasonic cleaners.

It does not contain any petroleum type solvents. It is non-flammable and is non-toxic. This industrial strength, water based cleaner / degreaser was designed with your health and safety in mind. Safe for you, safe for the environment.

In just a few minutes, Ultra-Clean will strip tenacious carbon stains and simultaneously, crack open and crumble heavily encrusted deposits of carbon, grease, grime, gum and gunk on aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel and other metal gun parts. Included are trigger assemblies, bolts, actions, slide rails, gas pistons and all other components. Works exceptionally well on M1 - M16 - AR15 - 9 mm - 40 caliber weapons, Black Power breach plugs and all other fully automatic weapons.

Features & Benefits

  • Water based avoids environmental and health safety issues
  • Non-Caustic helps eliminate caustic burns and fumes
  • Non-petroleum helps eliminates fire hazard and disposal problems

Product Characteristics
Ultra-Clean is a biodegradable, non-solvent solution non-flammable water based product. This product contains quality surfactants, wetting agents, emulsifiers, cleaners and rust inhibitors. Rinses freely and is compatible with most oil water separators.

To help prevent rusting, users must apply a Slip 2000 Gun Lubricant immediately after cleaning to disperse any moisture in parts.


As a Cleaner

  • Use in ultrasonic cleaners
  • Dilution rate - Ready to use
  • Temperature range - Ambient / Room temperature to 180°F (up to 71°C)
  • Ultrasonic cycles: 5-15 minutes depending on machine, parts and lubricant used
  • Rinse, wipe down or blow off and apply a Slip 2000 Gun Lubricant

For best results:
For heavier soils and deposit buildup, higher concentrations may need to be used. Using product at higher temperatures (160° - 200°) may speed soil release up and allow less soak time.

Disposal Methods
Skim oil from waste water and immersion tanks. Dispose of oil and cleaner in accordance with state, federal, and local ordinances. The pH of the waste water and the splitting characteristics of the cleaner may allow it to be put down a sanitary sewer. (Check With Local Regulators)

May be shipped as a non-regulated cleaning compound

Keep container closed. May be stored safely at high and low temperatures normally encountered. Protect containers from freezing.