Slip 2000 Woodworking Products were developed from the Slip 2000 industrial product line. Much like their cousin, Slip 2000 Gun Care, these are professional grade lubricants and cleaners designed for next level care.

Blade and Bit Lubricant

Extends the life of saw blades, keeping them sharper longer. This is a synthetic blend that helps protect blades from heat damage and clogging due to the accumulation of wood, pitch and metal chips. Ideal for use on saw blades, router bits, drill bits, planers, edger,  band saw, scroll saw, coping saw, screws and nails.

Blade and Bit Cleaner

Allows for maximum performance and reduced wear by fully cleaning your blades and bits. This water based industrial cleaner protects you from harmful chemicals while easily removing wood, pitch, metal chips, dirt and grease. 

Air Tool Lubricant

Is designed for air tools that undergo long periods of stress. Compatible with pneumatic tools with reciprocating piston-type air compressors including: impact gun, da sander, board sander, air ratchet and more. It also works great on all less stressed air tools including nail guns.

Table Top Protectant

Reduces friction allowing wood to slide easily, protects metal surfaces from rusting and helps prevent stains. Extends the life of of your table tops. Excellent for use on table saw, band saw, scroll saw and coping saw, router, jointer, planer and edger.