4oz. Empty Plastic Bottle Bundle - 3 Pack

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Clear plastic PET container, impervious to most all solvents, strong solvent based cleaners, and lubricants. Excellent for use with Slip 2000 Carbon Killer, 725 Gun Cleaner, Choke Tube Cleaner and our Gun Lubricants. Helps eliminate waste, contamination, and mess.

These are empty bottles and do not come with any product.

Great for the range bags:

Fingertip pump spray, needle point applicator or a twist top cap combined with a chemical-resistant bottle, allows you to store just what you need in your range bag.

3 - 4 oz. bottles come with: 3 pump sprayers, 3 metal needle point applicators, and 3 twist top spouts.

NOTE - Pump spray may vary in color

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