Airsoft Lubricant

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Airsoft Lubricant
Slip 2000 Airsoft Lubricant is designed for use on Airsoft guns. Slip 2000 Airsoft Lubricant is a 100% pure synthetic lubricant that does not contain Teflon, silicone or petroleum. It has a proprietary anti-wear agent that reduces friction and wear by 95-98%. It will not harden or become sticky or tacky and it does not freeze or gum up when used with Co2. It does not attract dust, dirt or sand and is excellent at displacing moisture. Lubricates, cleans and protects. Safe to use on all metal, plastic and rubber parts. Works great on aluminum. Safe for use with O-rings, Bio and Non-Bio BBs. Use in bore to reduce friction, prevent BB fouling buildup and increase FPS.


  • 100% Pure Synthetic
  • Will reduce friction & wear
  • Increases FPS
  • No Teflon, No Silicone
  • Safe on O-Rings
  • Does not attach BBs
  • Co2 Compatible
  • Never Gums up
Apply Airsoft Lubricant to all metal and moving parts. For best results allow the initial application to penetrate into the metal (10-15 minutes). Wipe off any excess. Re-apply after each cleaning.

Lubricant Features

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