EWL30 Buddy Pack

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The EWL30 Buddy Pack includes:

1 - 4oz Bottle of EWL30
1 - 1oz Bottle of EWL30
1 - Metal Needle Tip

ABOUT EWL30 (Heavy Duty Weapons Lubricant)

100% Pure Synthetic CLP. Designed for firing 2000-4000 rounds and being able to  wipe your gun clean.

Slip 2000 EWL30 has the same properties as the EWL except much thicker. It contains a proprietary thickening agent that makes this lubricant consistency like a 30wt. motor oil. It was designed for those who love the EWL, but wanted a lubricant that would not migrate at all and did not want to use a grease. EWL30 IS a fantastic CLP (cleaner, lubricant, protector.)

Lubricant Features

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