Gun Lube Buddy Pack

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The Gun Lube Buddy Pack includes:

1 - 4oz Bottle of Gun Lube
1 - 1oz Bottle of Gun Lube
1 - Metal Needle Tip


100% Pure Synthetic CLP. Designed for firing 500-1000 rounds and being able to  wipe your gun clean.

Exceeds the current MIL-PRF-63460D Rev E requirements.

Simply wipe your gun clean after 1000 rounds when you lubricate with Slip 2000 Gun Lube. Made for everyday shooting and gun maintenance. Gun Lube will lubricate, clean, and preserve. Formulated for use on all firearms.

If you fire more rounds, or just want the best we have to offer, try our EWL or EWL30 rated for up to 5000 rounds between maintenance.

About Gun Lube

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