G&G Guns tested Slip 2000 products, here’s what they thought.


Slip 2000
Cleaning Products

We were sent a collection of Slip 2000 cleaning products about a month or so ago, including; EWL (Extreme weapons lubricant) and the Extreme Weapons Degreaser. Over the course of the next few weeks, we tested the product on a multitude of different firearms. As a gun store, we provide cleaning services to our customers and have certainly seen our fair share of “Lost causes” come through the door.

The first thing I did when receiving the samples package, was clean my own gun with EWL!

It is a Springfield 1911. I chose this platform to clean first, as every single component bar the grips were steel. I shot around 200 rounds through it, clean it up and left it for a solid month. Upon taking it apart, there was little/no dust in many of the nooks of the 1911 platform; it had also held its lubrication the entire time.

Usually the viscosity of oils means that it gets everywhere and pools, attracting dust. The Slip 2000 EWL (Extreme weapons lubricant) spread incredible thinly, which meant I could use less, saving money in the long run. It also gripped the steel a little better when applied with a soft cloth, meaning the thin film kept exactly where I had put it, instead of vanishing between the cracks.
Springfield 1911 custom


The next gun I cleaned was the bosses Glock, daily carry pistol. On a polymer frame, oils can become slippery. Glock pistols have always required less oil, but the dryer finish at high heat meant that carbon was often accumulated on the upper portion inside the slide. The EWL was applied to a cloth and it just wiped off with little effort. As a “Do-all” EWL is one of the best products I have used thus far on the market. Being non-toxic it did not corrode my fingers and was easy to clean up after a spill. I wouldn’t eat it, but it is nice to know it isn’t going to rot my hands!

Then we tested the CARBON KILLER.

An AR15 can be a nightmare to clean after a tactical class. I brought it to one of our carbine classes and told everyone to go nuts. Then we left the Bolt Carrier Groups in solution overnight and it literally wiped clean with no scrubbing. When time is a factor, Carbon Killer is a life saver on the range. It also smells like Chocolate Orange!

Effective, especially after several hundred rounds, I was impressed with how non-invasive it was on the Magnesium Phosphate Bolt Carrier Groups. I took off my flash hider and gave it the same treatment. If you own an AR15, the Carbon Killer is now (As far as I am concerned) essential equipment.

So now we have talked a little about the usual day-to-day maintenance and cleaning, let’s have a good look at one of those “Lost causes” we talked about.

We were shown a 1915 Mauser rifle that had been passed down to one of our customers from their Grandfather. It is a commercial model, brought back from Germany after WWII. It had not only, the LARGEST amount of rust I had ever seen on a gun, but it had been in a house fire that had burst a water pipe. So not only had it been burnt, but the water had then fused onto the steel as it cooled rapidly, creating the perfect environment for deep rust.

I could tell you how the cleaning turned out, but I thought it better to just include a few pictures below. First of all, let me tell you how long this took from start to finish.

I did a pre-soak for around 20 minutes with the degreaser and then went to town on it with a brass brush and a cloth. That was all I used. I am quite pleased (As was the owner) of how it turned out.

Pictures of the Mauser 1915 can be found on the next page.




I get sent sample packages all the time, but rarely have I seen something that does EXACTLY what is advertised. I have been thoroughly impressed with the capabilities of this lubricant. After being in Afghanistan, working the front-line and seeing firearms get in all manner of dire straits, I kind of wish I’d had Slip 2000 to hand. Slip 2000 would certainly have made my life a whole lot easier after fourteen hours in a firefight and only six hours before my next patrol.

G&G Guns will be purchasing Slip 2000 products as soon as our present stock of a rival brand is empty. We have been sold on the effectiveness and affordability of Slip 2000 products.

I would like to personally thank Shannon Scheuer for sending us the sample pack of Slip 2000 items. She has been consistently helpful and communicative with any queries and questions we have had. It is most certainly a company we would like to help promote and sell in-store.

We are relatively small! But our reputation locally is flawless. We are looking forward to making that order for your products very soon.

Aaron “KB” Kilbon
General Manager
G&G Guns
8465 W Colfax Ave
Lakewood, CO

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