Our 725 cleaner is used in a foamer to great effect!


Here’s what he shared with us:


We used your 725 to foam our old 1100 Remmington that was jamming.  The foam forced into the cavity, it would pick up the carbon and force it out.  We did this 3-4 times, waiting 2-4 minutes in between, and the foam came out pure black every time until it was clean.  After that we lubed it and she seems to be much happier.  Thought this might be interesting for a time saver instead of stripping it all apart.



This isn’t the first time that we have seen our product used as a foam, but we figured it would be good to share the results of someone using it as such with you, because this is great way to use our 725 cleaner! Take a look at the rest of the pictures Dan sent us.


Just remember to re-lubricate your firearm after using this product to prevent rusting.