M16A1 Slip 2000 Lube Comparison

Function test:

Militec, felt gritty, sluggish and slow when cycling by hand.

Slip 2000- felt smooth as though it had not been shot.

Field strip:

Militec- Bolt and Bolt carrier group were dry and covered with carbon. No lube could be seen any where on these items.

Slip 2000- Bolt and Bolt carrier group was covered in carbon and felt damp to the touch. The rear half of the BCG was still wet.



Militec- Need some soaking and scrubbing on both the BCG and the upper receiver

Slip 725 Degreaser was needed to help break up the carbon on the BCG and worked well.

I noticed that the Slip 725 dried fairly quick while soaking, so I had the student re-apply to make it wet before brushing.

Slip 2000- Cleaned easier. Carbon wiped off with Shooters Choice solvent and light brushing. Upper receiver wiped clean with solvent.


Militec- The students that were cleaning on a daily bases used some light brushing on the BCG and relubing.

 Slip 2000- The students that were cleaning on a daily bases where wiping down the BCG and relubing.


During the rest of the week, the students of the class started transitioning to Slip 2000 on their own. At the end of the week I asked what their thoughts were with Slip 2000 even the one who had switch from Militec to Slip 2000. Everyone said that it cleaned up better after shooting and wanted some to take with them.