M240B gets put through its paces!


A M.Sgt shared this story with us, and we are glad to share it with you.


Recently, while conducting an M240B class and course of fire, I had a chance to give SLIP EWL a good workout.

It is the only lube I use on my duty handguns, shotguns and carbines so I only thought it appropriate to run it on the MG’s. Normally, with the “legacy” issue lubricant, we re-lube the gun multiple times throughout the day out of necessity.  As I expected, this was not the case with SLIP EWL.


At the beginning of the day, I put a moderate amount of SLIP on all the lube points, halfway through the day, a few drops were placed on the front of the bolt. The important point here, is that halfway through the day was approximately 8-9 thousand rounds! Total round count exceeded 17 thousand rounds on this one gun, albeit with countless barrel changes. We had NO failures of any kind that were not caused by ammunition.

After those 17 thousand plus rounds we stripped the weapon and found all the major assemblies filthy, but still wet with SLIP.  Even inside the feed tray cover, the pawls and feed lever, encased in crud, still worked freely because under the crud it was still moist. Cleaning time was reduced roughly by a third as the carbon, brass shavings, etc. could largely be wiped clean with a cloth.

SLIP stayed on the gun through the heat and friction of thousands and thousands of rounds and as a bonus made the weapon easier to clean.

If you are an armed professional of any type, this IS your lube.


MSgt “M”